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Kicked In The Junk

A "share" blog for fellow poker bloggers who've been kicked in the junk one too many times.
Bad beat via a two outer on the river? Boss giving you shit?
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Omaha 8b ass-kicker

I wouldn't have believed this one had I not seen it with my own two eyes. Tell me what you would have done.

I'm playing Omaha 8b and look down to see A-2-Q-J with spades suited. The first round of betting is of course capped and the flop comes 3 spades, 4 spades, 10 clubs. Cool, I have the nut flush draw, the nut low draw and the nut straight draw. Capped again with 4 people to the turn.
Turn is K spades. Woot! I made the nut flush and I still have the nut low draw. Obviously, capped again, but I'm a tad dismayed at the fact that all 4 are still in. River 5 spades. Sweet, I just made the nut low and a straight freaking flush. I surely have 3/4 of this pot, right? Again, it is capped. What can these guys have? Any ideas?

First guy shows A-2. Ties for low.
2nd guy shows A-2. Ties for low.
I show A-2 and A-5 straight flush.
Last guy turns over A-2-6-7 and the 6 and 7 are spades. He wins high half and 1/4 of low. The rest of us get 1/4 of low each. I'm positive I lost money on this deal and I can't figure out how the hell I could have gotten away from it.

I said NH and logged off. Kicked in the junk again. I am in the process of coming up with something of sacrifice to the poker gods in an attempt to get back in good graces.
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1:23 PM

Wow...can't recall seeing a scenario like that ever. I don't think I've ever seen all 4 players with A-2, much less it ending the way it did...brutal...    

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