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Kicked In The Junk

A "share" blog for fellow poker bloggers who've been kicked in the junk one too many times.
Bad beat via a two outer on the river? Boss giving you shit?
Click the Admin link below and get to writing.

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I hate losing on the bubble.

On one particular site, I started out with $0. I won a few pennies playing in free rolls, and built it up to about 400 player points, about $4 worth. Problem is, you can't convert them into cash until it hits $10. I played on...and on...and on.

It took me over six months to get 1100 points. Talk about dedication (or stupidity if you prefer). I was playing for real money on other sites, and at this stage had built my online bankroll to over $1K. But not at this particular site - I had turned my points into a lovely $11. Still well below the minimum withdraw amount.

I had been killing the $10+$1 SNG at Party, a ITM percentage somewhere above 75%. Why not put all this $11 into one of them? Lets roll.

I played uber-tight, and I was forced too as I had no cards. We get down to 5 when I start to see some pictures cards and what not, and I drag a few pots. When I knocked out 5th, I was only a few chips behind the chip leader. We are on the bubble people, with two micro-stacks!

Micro-stack one goes all in with QJo, I call with 66. QJo is good for a flopped two pair. Micro-stack two goes all-in the very next hand with A6o, and I call with Big Slick. Four spades on the board go with his six, and leave me out to dry.

I have doubled up both small stacks, then ground them back down only to double BOTH of them up again. Everybody is about even when for the first time in the SNG, I get those lovely Aces peaking up at me. And I have position.

UTG makes a call, now it's over to me. I double the blinds, which is enough to get SB and BB out of the action. UTG re-raises all-in, and I gladly call. He flips over two little snowmen, and I have Aces of Junk Kicking +2.

The flop is xx8. WHAT? A &*^%#^)@ two outer? This is crap! My entire six months worth of toil down the drain! Why would you do that to me?

The turn is another Ace. Take that mofo! Here is to your puny little snowmen! Looks like it just got a hell of a lot hotter in here my friend - FEAR ME!

The river is the junk-kicking fourth 8. Hell has frozen over. 6 months are for naught. To rub it in, the two other players applaud him on his excellent call. I lost to a two-outer and a one-outer in the same hand.

My voice reached a frequency that was previously impossible when my testicles were intact.

Love Heafy (pokeronfilm)
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