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Kicked In The Junk

A "share" blog for fellow poker bloggers who've been kicked in the junk one too many times.
Bad beat via a two outer on the river? Boss giving you shit?
Click the Admin link below and get to writing.

Login: kickedinthejunk Password: groinpains

Testes, Testes, 1 2 3, Testes...

On the heels of the WPBT WSoP Satellite last night - one that saw yours truly get kicked in the junk to the tune of 58th out of 65 - I decided to give what I've dubbed a share blog a try. First let me step back a moment and give some details

During the last 2 satellite tourneys there's been some funny shit written in the chat box. So much it's hard to keep up with. However, it seemed getting kicked in the junk was a theme that came up often. I'm pretty sure it was usually the result of a good comment from Dr. Pauly or Bob with others - including myself - chiming in. At one point I asked the good Doctor if he had reserved kickedinthejunk.blogspot.com to which he replied, "already done...it's where I write my bad beat stories. I chuckled and moved on...until today.

The good Doctor was obviously joking, but I've decided to take action. While this is primarily a joke, I figure why not have a "share" blog for fellow bloggers, readers, and anyone else to come and write whatever they want. Write about bad beats you've dealt and/or received. Let us know about a shitty job situation. Tell us all about your asshole boyfriend/girlfriend. Write about how to screw a donkey...wait that ones already been done. Do whatever feels right to you.

Sometimes these types of posts are not something you necessarily want to put on your blog...I've read all too many times a blogger who wrote, this is the last time I write a bad beat story, I promise. So here's your answer.

As for me, my getting Kicked In The Junk was not the result of a bad beat. Instead, it was one of those scenarios when you don't have the nuts, but you truly think you have the best hand. Only to find, when the chips are ready to move, they make their way to your opponents stack. For me the following hand came up against EasyCure, a fellow blogger I'm glad I was able to meet, just wish it hadn't been under these circumstances.

Early in the tourney - probably 30 minutes in - I pick up AK spades and raise it up. Easy either calls or puts in a raise, I can't remember. Either way, we were the only ones to see the flop. the flop comes K J K giving me a set with an A kicker. I'm feeling pretty damn good about my hand. I bet out around 500 and Easy goes all-in. I make the call and he flips over JJ for the flopped full house. No miracles come and just like that I'm out.

Before the flop I thought I was in the lead or had a good hand to see a flop with. Turns out I was already behind, albeit slightly. When the flop came I most def thought I was in a commanding lead. Turns out I was way behind. Just goes to show, unless your holding the nuts, your ass can be beat. And even when you're holding the nuts, you can still be drawn out on.

I wouldn't have played the hand any differently, nor would Easy, so I'm fine with it. It's just initially a shock to the system when you think you're golden and the chips make their way to the other guy.

So that's it for me. If no one ever leaves another post on this site, then that's cool. It was just a quick, fun experiment I thought I would try. I realize there are much easier forums that we could use to make our voices heard, but I just figured a shared blog would be kind of cool to try out.

So if you wanna leave a note, add a link, add a picture, change the template or whatever...go for it. It's a work in progress. Just please leave the donkeys alone and for friggin sake, guard your groin!

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2:45 PM

And no, that's not me in the picture!

Poker In Arrears    

10:38 PM

lol good job!    

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