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Kicked In The Junk

A "share" blog for fellow poker bloggers who've been kicked in the junk one too many times.
Bad beat via a two outer on the river? Boss giving you shit?
Click the Admin link below and get to writing.

Login: kickedinthejunk Password: groinpains

A Left-Nut Demolisher

Someday I'll be the one who does the junk kicking.

Just once I'd like to deliver a crushing knee to the groin of the driver
who parks his F-450 across 3 parking spaces so nobody can touch his

I'd appreciate a small window of opportunity in which I could dish out
as many steel toes to the groin that I could muster, of oblivious shoppers
who block paths, bring 40 items thru the 12 or less lane, and refuse to
realize they don't own the store.

And maybe someday I could be granted the only pass available to kick
Bush any time he mispronounces a word. Of course, I'd have to get a team
of junk kickers to handle the load, but I know I'd be up for the challenge.

A guy can wish.

Maybe for now though, I'd just take a world where I don't get kicked in the
junk. If I can't dole out any nut thrashings, then why does Jebus allow me
to consistently take them.

Take today for instance. I was having a good day at work. I accomplished
more than I had hoped I would by the time lunch was arriving. I was primed
for the second part of the day, and even more excited when one of my favorite
chinese restaurants opened back up. (Waiting on a cat shipment, maybe?)

So I sat down to eat the general's chicken with white rice. I had my Mountain
Dew, my USA Today, and Jim Rome was on the radio.

Things were good.

Until, that is, I got delivered the most brutal kick to the junk that I've received
in quite some time.

It came in the form of a reminder. The worst possible way to be reminded about
what I had forgotten.

In the battle between soft food and what should be rock hard teeth, the chicken
won. My girlyman tooth cracked. And it just so happens it's the tooth I recently
had a root canal on. Which reminded me...

Hey Bob! Weren't you supposed to get a crown put on that tooth?


Oh yeah! How's that insurance you forgot to enroll in?

~ Bobby Bracelet
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4:17 AM

Brutal dude, brutal. Don't you feel better though for having shared? OK maybe not. Still, we feel for ya man. Glad you stopped by.    

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